Drinking Gourd Elementary School

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Trisha WhitneyDirector and Quail Class Teacher

Trisha Whitney is the Executive Director and teacher of the Quail Class. She founded the Drinking Gourd Elementary School in 1990.

In addition to her work at the Drinking Gourd, she has been the Director and lead teacher of a private school in Virginia, a sign language interpreter for the public schools, and a private tutor.

She has taught her unique methods to other teachers and parents through workshops and magazine articles. She published "Kids Like Us: Using Persona Dolls in the Classroom" in 1999. This book, which is being used by teachers in seven countries, is about teaching social skills and anti-bias attitudes to young children. She is also the author of a chapter of the book "Feminist Parenting."

Trisha earned a degree, with honors, from California State University, Fullerton in 1980. Trisha says, "I am proud to work at a school where the students' needs always come first."
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Ally Whitney is the Quail Class Aide. She is uniquely qualified as she is a Drinking Gourd graduate herself.