Drinking Gourd Elementary School

Philosophy & Mission

We all have lots of friends here.Mission

• To bring children together with excitement for learning.

• To create a “success-based” environment which emphasizes achievements rather than failures.

• To create an individual learning plan that is challenging and requires every student to strive toward excellence in all areas.

• To present books and reading skills in an engaging way; to develop children with “book fever”–an insatiable desire to read.

• To present a huge variety of mathematical experiences so that students gain a real understanding of these concepts rather than a focus on simply “filling in the right answers.”

• To weave art and music experiences into the everyday life of the classroom.

• To teach children peaceful, cooperative ways to handle conflicts.

• To develop the students’ ability to understand and express their emotions and to empathize with others.

• To help children recognize and reject gender stereotypes in our environment; to consciously provide opportunities for both girls and boys to experience a wide range of activities.

• To help children feel good about themselves and the groups to which they belong.

• To develop in each student an interest in cultures of people everywhere, cultivating the attitude that differences as well as similarities are to be valued.

• To help children learn to stand up for themselves and others in the face of bias.