Drinking Gourd Elementary School

About Our Facility

Lunchtime!The Gathering Room

Our amazing Gathering Room serves as our library, performance hall, dance floor, party room and inside recess hangout. Beginning with an entry gallery for student work, the Gathering Room quickly opens out into an expanse of space large enough to hold our Big Show audiences of more than 100 people. Bookshelves and kids’ cubbies line all the walls. A stage is built at one end of the room and comes in handy during our frequent performances. The room-length skylight panel and the parquet tile-patterned floor combine to give the room a bright, cheerful feel. We enjoy every minute we spend there.

The heat source for this room and the office is geothermal. The heat is drawn from under the ground and travels through the floor, warming the building.


Northstar Classroom


The Quail Classroom

The Quail classroom is large and bright with many windows and skylights. The space includes an open area carpeted with a large ocean-scene rug where students work and learn together in their own places in our circle.

A small loft (“the nest”), stage, and “Be Anything” area make space for imaginative play. A pillow pit with book display shelves on the wall creates a comfortable place to curl up and read. Students do not have individual desks where they must stay. Bright-colored tables of different sizes are scattered around the room. Throughout the day students will work at a table, at the computer station, at one of several learning centers, at the velcro/whiteboard, at the painting easel, or on the rug.

The walls are covered with student-created drawings, paintings, writing, and other projects. Artwork and photographs of many cultures and people are always on display. Two child-height sinks and low countertops are built into the room. Two bathrooms are located within the Quail classroom for easy access.


Everybody loves tag.Outdoor spaces

Students play outside nearly every day. Every child keeps a pair of rubber boots at the school so the classes can go out to play when the ground is wet.

Outside the school is a beautiful play yard with open space for running, soccer, t-ball and the students’ favorite tag games. Our giant sandbox, monkey bars, swings, “rocket ship” jungle gym, slide, fire pole, and small rock-climbing panel give students plenty of active play choices. In front of the school students play basketball, jump rope, bowling, and four-square on the concrete areas. In the fall and end of spring they can also play on the grass and swing in the hammock.